Refinance Process

The Refinance process can be very time consuming and confusing. Many home owners choose not to proceed forward with a refinance solely for the reason they cannot be provided an easy option to complete their refinance application. Even though their lenders can save them hundreds of dollars, home owners are too busy to deal with complicated documentation and requirements, and would instead just keep paying their high rate mortgages they currently hold. At Redwood Realty Inc. we make the refinance process streamlined. We request for minimal documentation throughout the process while explaining the reasons behind each page we ask for. We will contact your employer, lender, realtor and/or Title Company to obtain what items we require on our own without having to bother you for them. Furthermore, with our electronic paperless system, your information is secure 100% of the time. Our loan officers will call you the home owner every 2 days to keep you posted on status of the loan process. You can reach any of our processors or Loan officer any time of day with questions or concerns, and if the Loan officer or processor are not available, our broker Ali Ali will be happy to answer your questions. Redwood Realty Inc. is a family owned and run business. We will ensure the refinance process completed by Redwood Realty Inc. staff is completed in a manner as if Redwood Realty was providing the home loan for their own mother.